A11y Automation Tracker

A more thorough way to track the potential accessibility violations and the automated linters and tests currently available.

Accessibility Automation

Catch potential a11y violations faster.

It can be hard to keep track of the potential accessibility violations in your code. More automation is being created for linting rules and tests-- and now there is a single site to track the automation available to developers.


Educate yourself about the ways your apps could fail accessibility conformance criteria, and see what a11y automation is available for your linting and testing workflows.

Tooling Engineers

Identify potential linting or testing rules that could be written...and write them.

Business Managers

Keep track of what automation is available to help your developers make accessible products. Rationalize budgets for manual testing.

A11y Auditors

Use the potential violations listed here to help inform your checklists.

Browser Vendors

Use the list of potential violations to find ways to improve accessibility support in your browser code.


Design inclusive products by knowing the pitfalls to avoid.